Hey guys well I just started working out this week, if I can call it that. I'm a complete noob I used to lift a little in high school but that was 6 years ago and just got chubby and now I want to get in shape and have a nice physique for myself and my girl. Anyways I've been reading workout routines that people reccomend for beginners and the stickys. But there are some that require machines that my gym does not have. The gym i'm going to is really small, the reason I go to it is because it's walking distance my car is currently dead due to busted head and I don't have any other way of getting there.

The equipment the gym has is the following:

Bench Press Machine
Butterfly Machine
Pull Down Bar
Leg Press Machine
Cable Machine
Dumbbell Rack
2 Ellipticals
2 Treadmills

Sorry if those aren't the correct names, but that's what my gym has. I would really appreciate someone taking there time and helping me out set up a routine for the equipment available to cover most of the bases. As far as my goal I currently weigh 182 at 5'7 I wish to get a body similar to


All input is appreciated