So Im in a world of hurt, mostly from sciatic pain that prevents me from sitting in my desk at work for any length of time...or if I make myself bare the pain, I can't think about my work, just the searing blinding pain in my leg.

I had an MRI this week, confirmed the injury, working with a sports med specialist, who suggests PT, but getting an epidural injection to basically 'give me a little time to be pain free' as I try to (hopefully) rehab this sucker.

Anyone go through this, Im trying various supplements to aide (not looking for magic bullet) the healing / resorption process (Jarrow True CMO for joint, Alpha GPC and ALCAR for nerve pain), but won't have then until tomorrow.

Im able to stretch my legs now, though the left leg puts up a fight...also doing inversion daily (sometime mulitple times). I've done this to myself before, but its never lingered past week 3, Im in week 4 now, and feel like Im at a plateau.

Honestly, If I could just sit down and be comfortable, I'd be happy right now...I'd trade the gym membership for my basic functional needs right now.

Any thought / advice?