Alright Fellas,

was hoping for a bit of advice ( sorry if posted in wrong place am new to the site )

I trained for 2 years solidly from the age of 20 to 22 and then i had my little boy and stopped for a year, Since losing all the muscle i had earned and gaining alot of fat, I had to get back on it , that was a year ago, I have lost about 7% of the body fat i had gained and am now down to about 10 / 11 % . I have gained all the muscle back and more. Before i started weighed about 160 lbs , now weigh around 190 lbs, I like to think i know a fair bit about training I do alot of reading, I am currently just using Whey protein Isolate and BCAA caps, I use Creatine every now and again ( it does help i just get acne with it ? )

Anyway Ill cut to the chase, I am ready to do a PH cycle, and alot of research I have done has pointed me to TREN BOMB (NOW SD MATRIX) I plan on using this for a month, up my carbs, protein, and weights sufficiently whilst taking a fair amount of Milk Thistle and then follow with a PCT of Pharma Esto-Supress, how does that sound to you lot and is there any thing i need to know or may have missed out ?

Thanks For your time.