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    Exclamation Workout Program after Spine Surgery

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some much needed advice from the experts. Let me start out by saying that before my surgery (spinal fusion) I tried everything from running and lifting weights. I had a pretty major humpback and running made it hurt. On the other hand, I was embarrassed to do a whole lot in the gym because some of the machines caused my deformity to show and people would look and laugh. So, basically, I wanted to get fit but had no motivation to. Something went wrong every time. I successfully had a spinal fusion on July 5th and had one of my post-op appointments today. Basically, I was told that it's time to start waking everything up and that I'm cleared to ease into jogging and weightlifting. I can't begin to tell you how exciting this was to hear, as I have new hope and a new lease on what I can do to boost my appearance. I'm 18 years old, and the upper-body muscle I did have is gone. Unfortunately, I'm soft. I'm overweight and I'm starting from square one. Do you guys mine helping me make out a workout plan that includes weightloss and muscle building? The restrictions I have at the moment are no deadlifting and no squats. Also, how do I motivate myself? This really is unfamiliar territory. Thanks in advance!
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