I just want to hear other people's thoughts on this matter. I am planning on going to the gym before work and after work everyday of the week to miss traffic. I want to try and get and hour and a half before work and pretty much any length after work. I also want to go to the gym everyday Monday through Friday (while I know I might not be able to do certain routines everyday, maybe I can add a day of stretching somewhere). I don't really have any specific goals set, I just want to miss traffic and do something beneficial for myself in the meantime. I can try bulking up or slimming down. I am 6'1 and about 220 with approximately 22% bf (this is probably a pretty inaccurate approximation since it was done at LA Fitness). While I want to try to slim down, I do love to get big. Does anyone have any useful suggestions (advice, workout routines, etc) that can help me. Thanks very much.