Hey, is there any interest in the bodybuilding community for ground beef that is grass fed, made from all of the lean cuts of beef, made from genetically lean cattle that are exercised? I don't bodybuild or lift seriously like I used to, but I found that I got better results from whole food quality protein sources as opposed to mostly protein supplements, etc. when I was trying to build muscle. There is definitely a need for both, but a super low fat burger, or taco would seem like a welcome addition to a bodybuilding diet. Anyway, if any of you have interest, I'd like to send a free sample of my super lean beef to the first 5 people that write me at ajoffer@skinnybeef.com - as long as you then write your reviews of the beef online. I think I have developed an awesome product, but it doesn't do any good for me to talk about it...it needs to come from those of you who are serious about your protein and fat intake, and if it comes from me, it is an advertisement, and not truly legit. Thanks.