This programme is from the Empire Boxing Gym, bristol (Dave Prowse Darth Vaders gym - my uncle!). There is a separate room where 15 - 20kg (35 - 42lb) BBs and 10k (22lb) DBs reside, plus a long bench for the step ups (same height as a normal bench) and some bars for the leg raises.

It's a cutting workout - I have a friend who swears by it 3 x weekly to keep him ripped.....he was pretty ripped for a natural who didn't control his diet much.

Exercise: Reps:
Step Ups 50 (25 / Leg)
Bent Over Row 15
Press Ups 15
Cleans 15
Sit Ups 30
Upright Row 15
Side Leans 20 each side
Clean & Press 15
Leg Raises 30
Knee Bend 20
GOAL: Complete 3 sets in 20 minutes

....the best I ever did was about 38mins! I think he got it under 30.

I have struggled classifying what this is, HIIT or just a compound circuit. You are supposed to minimise rest periods, personally I need several breathers!

....trouble is, many people on these forums seem to think circuits are pointless and you should just life heavy and cut cals.

Anyone know this routine? Have you used anything similar when cutting? The most ripped person I ever knew personally used this, but whenever I start using it I tend to stop as I do a lot of research online says lifting heavy with DLs etc is the way to go, at all times.

Views, opinions from those who aren't a tubby 23%BFer like me please!