Been low carb high fat dieting for about 3 months now in an attempt to slowly cut/recomp.

Approx. 60g per day with 1 high carb cheat meal per week.

It's been a success, got stronger in the gym, lost fat, kept muscle. However the last few weeks my bodys been feeling the strain and I think it's time to slowly gain some weight again.

Problem is now whenever I eat a carb meal (even like 30g carbs) I feel like utter sh*t, really tired, bloated, muscles feel soft/deflated (no exageration, it's like chalk and cheese).

All good carb sources, oats, sweet potato, brown rice etc.

Is it just going to take time to readjust to increased level of carbs? I haven't just gone from 60g carbs to 350g carbs overnight, im tapering it back up but still feels bad man, I have made sure theres enough fats still in the diet.