I got a sample pack from the SAN reps a couple days ago, I was excited to try them out but wasn't able to test them until today. I grabbed a packet of Launch 4350 and a packet of Fierce and compared the 2 to see which one I should test first. I ended up going with Launch 4350 (obviously due to the thread title) because of the Nootropic ingredients and full dose of Creatine along with some good stim dosages.

SAN Launch 4350 (Watermelon)

I mixed it up in about 10oz of cold water, stirred with a spoon for a few seconds and it was completely dissolved. That's a pretty good plus already, since most pre-workout drinks usually end up leaving at least a little residue at the bottom of the glass. I took a small taste at first, and all I can say is WOW. This is by far the best tasting Pre-workout I've tried yet, I do enjoy the taste of Rage and Assault, but this one beats those two by a lot. About 10-15 minutes after finishing the glass I began to feel much more alert, 25-30 minutes and I was feeling the stims. By 40 minutes in my mood was great, I was focused, pumped and ready to lift. I've never actually had a mood boost from a PWO before, so this is pretty new to me. I notice in the ingredient profile it lists 1,3 DMPA, I've had 1,3 DMAA and don't really enjoy the feeling/crash it gives, but this one didn't seem like that at all. Between the caffeine and 1,3 DMPA plus the nootropics I had more focus and motivation than I've had in a while.

So here's the list of things I like/love about Launch 4350:
-Taste: By far the best tasting PWO I've had to date, the watermelon flavor is sweet but not anything too ridiculous, and actually tastes like watermelon.
-Focus: This is definitely one of the best products that will snap you out of a drowsy/foggy/tired mood and put you in the mood to lift heavy for a good long while.
-Mood: Like I said, I've never actually had a mood boost from a PWO drink, so this is a definite plus. I don't know if it was one specific ingredient or if it was a combination of them but whatever it was I really enjoyed it.
-Pump: I believe it was due to the Creatine Nitrate, but the pump I got from this product was a little stronger and longer lasting than the ones I got from Assault and other similar products.
-Cost: I didn't pay for this, I just got several samples from SAN, but a 45 serving tub can be found for 20$, so I'd say that's a great price considering what you're getting.

I can't think of any major negatives about this product at the moment, I did notice my heart was slightly racing for a while, but I guess that's to be expected from a product containing stims. I can say I dislike the proprietary blend, it's not a major deal but I'd really love to know the content of the 1,3 DMPA and Caffeine, as well as the Nootropics and maybe get some more information on the 1,3 DMPA since I've never heard of it before now. I can't say it's the greatest endurance product I've ever tried, but for overall focus and energy it's definitely going to be hard to beat.

I'll be updating this thread over the next week with reviews on the other flavors as well as any changes in the effects I'm feeling. If anyone has any questions or I missed anything you'd like to know about let me know, I'll gladly answer any questions or concerns.