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    NOW L-Tyrosine Review For Depression/Anxiety

    Dosage: 500-1000mg depending on mood levels, also taken with a high protein diet.
    Rating: 8/10
    Effectiveness: 8/10
    Would I continue to use it?: If I could use it with other supps synergistically to have a more balanced effect, definitely

    My Experience: I started taking it about 2 weeks ago, I was feeling very socially anxious, very depressed and unmotivated, it was becoming noticeable to the people I live with and so I tried it, the first week was completely awesome, lots of motivation, very focused, altho jitteriness did occur at first.. I did not feel depressed the whole time I was taking it, no mood swings, I still had anxious thoughts, but they didn't have the same power over me any more.. I didn't feel as paralyzed by them, it still took a little effort to be out going (and I was not exactly the life of the party, just a little more talkative n less reluctant) I wouldn't say the OVERALL effect was life changing, BUT relatively the difference was night and day, i felt alot better and thats whats important to me. But it did make me wonder how I could take this to feel even more in the zone & kinda put the nail in the coffin for what ever anxiety I felt socially, so around week two I began stacking it with caffein.. about 200mg caffeine and 1000mg tyrosine, the first day was AMAZING, i felt completely manic, i was the man, but the next day I felt really drained & drowsy, so I skipped that day I did it again the day after just to make sure it wasent a fluke and something weird happened cuz i felt pretty good, not as good as the first day, but good enough, but I realized I had went that whole day and only ate breakfast and had not felt hungry till around 10-11 at night... when I slept that night I had a very bizarre but REAL feeling dream... First i dreamt of very personal things relating to my insecurities, relationship with my father... it was like a therapy session administered by my subconscious, but then got real sketchy when i dreamed my step mom whos the nicest woman i know transformed into a dinosaur and started eating people & I had to explain to my dad how his girlfriend had became a dinosaur............yea lol...I woke up around that part, i had only slept for 4 hours... I woke up feeling very relaxed & awake, but extremely confused about that dream and why it felt so real, it almost felt like I could still be dreaming.. but i still felt sooooooo relaxed.. like there was zero negativity in my mind.. like the therapy session type thing in my brain actually worked... but after a few hours i came back to reality n started getting anxious over little things so I skipped the tyrosine took a nap and it wore off.. I'm still taking it, haven't had any weird effects since... i took it with a cup of coffee this morning and feel ok... I'll keep this updated.

    so the drawback to this is that it makes u very focused but not positive.. it almost nails the hypomanic experience I get when I'm really in the zone.. but it does not hit the spot close enough to be a magic bullet.. focus is good but I want to feel relaxed and positive so im gonna try L theanine and maybe L tryptophan...I'll try to have more detailed reviews for those...I'm also interested in the racetams, sulbutiamine, huperzine, insotol and choline.. but im gonna knock these out one at a time so I can see what works best and try to make a perfect stack for anxious/depressive people.
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