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    Matrix Nutrition - Anabolic Matrix Review

    First of all, I'm not sure if this brand of supplement is available in the US but I'm sure the UK members of this site will have heard of it.

    Let's get started...


    Matrix Nutrition - Anabolic Matrix : 5KG Tub : £37.99


    Product claims to provide the following per 50g serving;

    Calories - 178kcal
    Protein - 42g
    Carbs - 6g
    Fat - 3g
    Glutamine - 12g

    Although the website has now got a COA after completing my tub I am very wary as to the authenticity of the report or the actual product claims.


    I opted for the Chocolate flavour mainly because I'm not too keen on fruit flavoured shakes. The taste is bare able and due to the large volume of water required to mix properly (500ml) there is alot to chug down. It has a very grainy consistency and I found it frequently clumped up... worst situation you end up with a huge chunk of gloop / dry powder blocking the mouth piece of your shaker.

    I found one way to improve the taste was to mix some powdered oats in with the shake although this of course increases the calorific content which is no good if you're counting.

    3/10 for Taste.


    As said, does have a tendency to clump at times but when it does go right you end up with a thick shake... even with 500ml of water.

    5/10 for Mixability.


    I have to say I do not think i have seen any real benefits by supplementing with this whey. Yes I have lost body fat and yes I have more strength and size but I think this is probably more as a direct result from food and the rest of my diet - not this product. I have found this product to leave me quite bloated at times and has frequently given me bouts of the runs.

    5/10 for Performance.


    The price is £37.99 for 5KG of whey protein with added BCAA's and Glutamine! Too good to be true? I would probably think so. How a product can be charged at that price (cheaper than pretty much every other product) and maintain a high level of quality I find difficult to believe. According to the COA the protein is there but I just don't think the product is high quality... you get what you pay for.

    10/10 if the product was 100% bonafide but I doubt it so 6/10 for Value.


    So based on the above points I can honestly say it will be highly unlikely I buy another product from Matrix Nutrition. Again, you get what you pay for but also nothing ventured nothing gained and I hope that this review will help steer people clear. It's worth spending the extra £$ for a better product.

    4.75/10 Final Score

    Thanks for reading.

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    Cheers for the advice man, I was tempted by the 5kg tub on Matrix Anabolic; but after reading this I think I'll stay clear & go for the Gold Standard 100% Whey instead.

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    I use this product and actually find it ok.
    Ok the taste isn't all that great but you get use to it and I think that's due to a higher volume of protein....In my opinion...and the more you drink the more you get use to it.
    I mix mine with milk and oats in the morning (but take out the grill) and then water before/after training...I only use 400ml and the consistency is great. I find if you put the liquid in first and then the protein then it works great.

    Down to the individual I guess but you need to try these things to find out.

    Good read Dan and good to see others opinion on products, cheers.
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