Most people think that he never had arms that big, but that's because they're only looking at Hulk Hogan from the 1980s and 1990s.
They've never actually seen the 6'8" 340lbs Hulk Hogan with over 24 1/2" arms from 1979.
A lot of people say that Hogan has tiny arms compared to Ronnie Colman for example. but Coleman is a MIDGET that's like 14" shorter than Prime Hogan. Hogan's wingspan was close to 7 feet. Dalip Singh's arms were measured at 26 1/2" but if you look at a picture of him alone, you'd think his arms were only 17 or 18", but when you realize that he's 7'3" with a 7'7" wingspan, then you understand why his arms were that big in his prime.
Anyway, here's the photographic evidence that finally proves that Hogan's arms WERE over 24 1/2". His left arm actually seems bigger than his right arm or maybe it's the camera angle. It almost seems like his left arm is 26" and his right arm is 24".
Also, I found some VERY interesting photos here that show HOW TALL Hogan really was before the tons of neck, back, knee, spine, and hip surgeries and the fact that he has a bent spine is has shrunken because of old age.

For those who question Hogan's height, go to this link, which CLEARLY proves Hogan was a VERY tall man, he was much taller than Michael Jordan. He was at least as tall as Lebron James.