I have been bodybuilding for a while now. I am now stuck and need a change. I have been doing straight sets forever and have tried to increase my weights as often as possible each week. Example if you bench 185 for 3 sets of 8 reps you would increase the weight 5 lbs each time you manage to get 8 reps on all three sets.

Well now im kinda stuck. Im stuck on 230 for 3 sets of 8 and can bust past it. For squats I do the same thing warm up with 135, 185, 225, 255 then do 3 straight sets of 315. I dont count the warmups so thats straight sets to me. Im increasing every so often on squats so its not as bad as bench press where I cant move up at all.

I found that on squats if every other week I go lighter and do like 270 for 4 sets for 12 then I get stronger for some reason when I go back heavy the next week. Also its always great to have big arms you can never have arms too big. So in my opinion my biceps and triceps could use some help also. For biceps day I start out with alternating db curls and can get 35 lbs for 6-8 reps after warmup. Example-can get 35 8 times the first set then can get it maybe 7 then next set I could get about 6. So 8,7,6.

For triceps on my first exercise of skullcrushers I warmup then put 45's on each side of easy curl bar and can get that about 8,6,6.

I wont name what I do for every muscle because this is already too long. I just listed my first exercise for some muscle groups.

I figured pyramding might help since I hear alot of people use it. So my question is how do I do it. If someone says pyramid up each set for bench what exactly do you do? Do you increase the weight like if you do 185, 225, 250, 275. Like each set are you suppose to do that weight as many times as you can or are you you suppose to pick a weight each set that you could have gotten 2 or 3 more times if you wanted?

Like I can do 230 for 8 reps exactly no more. So what would my pyramid look like? Do I do like 185, 205, 230, 250, 275? And when I get to 230 am I suppose to do that weight as many times as I can or just like 5 times I am so confused?

Please help! And are my reps suppose to go down? And If I do pyramids do I just do them for compound exercises and not isolations.

Heres my current routine: What would I pyramid on?

Monday: Chest- Flat bench press
Incline DB press
Cable flyes

Back- One arm DB rows
Seated cable rows
Lat pulldowns

Tues- Legs- Squats
leg ext
leg curl
toe raises

Wed- Off

Thurs- Shoulders- Db presses
Bent over raises
Upright row
Side db laterals

Friday- Arms- Seated skull crushers
One arm db ext
Cable pushdowns

Db alternating curls
Preacher curls
incline db curls

Saturday: off
Sunday: off