AI Sports Nutrition Motivate Review

Many thanks to AI Sports for the samples - will review them as I use them. Due to forum rules that I as a company rep cannot post any negative review of another company or products, I will not use x out of 5 stars or x out of 10 ratings - just my written thoughts.

Based upon the products claims I will review the effects that I felt from the product. Upon waking today I downed 2 capsules of Motivate with a glass of water on an empty stomach. Stims work best on an empty stomach so this setup was ideal to rate the effectiveness of the product. About ~30 minutes after ingestion of the capsules I started to feel the general effects of any stimulant, more alert, more energy, better mood, and my workout, which was a leg workout, I blasted through with energy throughout the entire session. Got home and had some carbs and protein. About an hour later I got that feeling of drowsiness most 1,3 DMAA products give me. I eventually lay down to take a nap and passed out for a couple of hours. Had great energy during the workout but did get a 1,3 crash afterwards. I really like 1,3 despite a lot of the negative press on it, but most formulations of it make me crash a couple of hours later.

Comparable to most products in the same category price wise. Great label design and product name.

Good energy during the workout - crashed a couple of hours after taking the product.