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Something just popped back into my mind from another thread. Figured most wouldn't know about this and it may seem interesting to some. Link is outdated but it's just a quick one I found from google. A lot of dudes in prison talk about this **** a lot. They also say that we have a bond to us as a U.S. Citizen, that if we relinquish our rights as a U.S. Citizen and leave the country, that we are owed like 20 million. (I can't find where it talks about this directly, but it has something to do with this http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html )


What they are doing is selling stock in the prison system by selling the prisoners’ accounts as securities through the securities exchange. They are making huge amounts of money off it. They privatize the prisoners’ accounts and bring all these investors in and what they are doing is underwriting all these prisoner’s accounts (bonds). This is after the surety company guarantees the bonds. Then they are underwritten through an investment bank or banker. Then they are put out on the market and resold to the public.
In order to secure the bond the living soul is placed in prison as the surety to back the bond which is financed on the investment of the public market place in terms of the sales of stocks and bonds.

Enter any prisoner’s case number within the specified entry boxes, located at Fidelity Investments’ online Securities look up index query ( http://activequote.fidelity.com/mmnet/SymLookup.phtml ), locate that prisoner’s bonds and find out where they are being traded.

Example (with a court case number 05CR272 - this is the District Court Case Number):

You will get a CUSIP number 316423102.

See it being traded as a mutual fund through Fidelity Investments!

In b4 a ****load of TLR Pic's.