I had a distal clavicle excision performed arthroscopically in February and I have recovered from my AC joint separation. I am back to 90 - 95% and I can do any lift and workout with minimal pain.

When I lift my right arm laterally with my elbow bent and shoulder rotated forward, there is a click/snap that is somewhat painful. However, it does not do this when I do the same motion with my shoulder rotated backward (towards 6 o'clock.) This started acting up a couple weeks ago, which happened to be when I stopped doing exercises to strengthen my rotator cuff. I'm obviously going to start doing the exercises again, but I know that painful clicking is often the prelude to an injury since it is being sheared and worn out, so I was wondering what tendon I'm aggravating. I can almost feel the tendon moving around the area between my shoulder and where the tip of my collar bone was removed in surgery. This could just be a bad hunch though. I'm wondering if the bursa is pushing my supraspinatus up against the tip of my now-excised collar bone. I'm probably going to ease up my workouts for a few weeks before I go to my doctor.

Thanks for any suggestions.