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    Push/Pull/Legs - 5 day split - Critique

    I'm looking into starting a new routine to get over my plateau and start gaining some weight again. I've looked around and settled on a Push/pull style routine that hits body parts twice a week. I've been working out for 5 years now, 2 of which have been serious. I'm 25, 190lbs and 5'11". Aiming on consuming around 3500-4000 cals a day w/ 200 g's of protein and 400g's of carbs. The only sups I'll be on is Creatine monohydrate, BCAA's and 2 tbsp of fishoil in my morning shake.

    Every workout day will begin with 10-15 min of light warm up which will consist of low weight sets of the exercises I am doing and 5 mins on the bike.

    Monday - Push

    Flat Barbell Bench 5x5
    Incline dumbbell flies 3x8-10
    Seated dumbbell arnies 4X8-10
    Dumbbell lat raises 3x8-10
    Weighted Dips 3x6-8
    French Press 2x8-10

    Tues - Pull

    Weighted Chin-up 5X5
    Close grip pull down 3x8-10
    Seated Row 3x8-10
    Barbell curl 3x6-8
    Hammer dumbbell curl 2X8-10
    Deadlifts 4x5

    Wed - OFF

    Thurs - Push

    Seated Barbell Military Press 5X5
    Dumbbell Front raise 3x8-10
    Incline DB bench 4x8-10
    Flat DB flies 3x8-10
    Close grip bench 3x6-8
    Tricep pushdown 2x8-10

    Friday - Pull

    Bent over barbell Row 5X5
    Close grip seated row 3x8-10
    Lat pulldowns 4x8-10
    Barbell curl -3x6-8
    Precher Curls 2x8-10
    DB shrugs 3x8-10/ Supersetted w/ behind back barbell shrugs

    Saturday - Legs

    Squats 5x5
    DB lounges 4x8-10
    Leg extensions- 4x8-10
    Calf raises 3x8-10


    Any advice on how to make this workmout better, or any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
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