In mid-January, I suffered a grade 3 shoulder separation. ER did an xray, and diagnosed as possible separation. My personal physician had an MRI done and referred me to an ortho. The ortho diagnosed it as a grade 3 separation. I had multiple complete and partial ligament tears, and I have the displaced collarbone thing going on. The ortho had me perform only light activity until I visited again last week. He checked my range of motion. I was able to perform adduction and abduction (pushing pulling his hand away) and was able to push myself up from the table with my hands under me without pain. He told me I could resume lifting at half of what I was at before and with fewer sets.

Today I did some chest and tricep work. Flat bench bb was ok. I heard this clicking or popping sound in my shoulder (best I can describe it). It didn't hurt but it sounded weird. I also experience this when I do backward arm circles warming up. Incline bb had more of the sound but no pain. Flies were fine. I did tricep pushdowns and raising a plate behind my head and had no issues there. Shallow dips caused some discomfort, and wide pushups are out of the question right now. Military and hands under my chest are ok.

I'm going to call the ortho tomorrow and tell him about my experience. Has anyone else gone through this injury? What did you learn about it? How well were you able to recover and do you have any tips on lifting with this type of injury?