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Thread: Aqua Boot Camp

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    Aqua Boot Camp

    Hey guys/gals, I am a personal trainer/fitness instructor for the local YMCA. For the first time we offer a Aqua Boot Camp. I was asked to intruct so I agreed, after alot of research I put together a good 1 hour workout. I have had 4 sessions and slowly figured what works and what doesn't. We only workout in shallow water unless I have them on their body boards doing laps. It is not required that you know how to swim to attend this Boot Camp.

    Sample of class workout:

    Warm-Up: run in place (60-120 sec.), line jumps (60-120 sec.), run along outside walls while passing rubber bricks. (5 Laps) Repeat twice during class hour

    Side to Side of Shallow End of Pool:
    Lunges (4 across pool), Sprints (6 across pool,forward & backwards), Side Lifts (15 ea. leg), Flutter Kicks (60-120 sec. hold on to side of pool) Arm Circles, Over Hand Clap (50).
    Wide Arm Swim (3 across pool), Doggy Peddle (3 across pool), High Toe March (3 across pool), Lateral Leg Raises (15 each leg), Scissor Walk (3 across pool)
    Repeat 3-5 times during class hour

    Using Pool Wall:
    Lateral Leg Raises (15 each leg)
    Flutter Kicks (60-120 sec.)
    Body Push Outs (15-20 reps)
    Repeat 2-4 times during class hour

    Length of Pool:
    Body Board Lap (3-5 laps during class hour)

    My reason for this thread is ask if anyone has exprience with these type of shallow pool workouts and if you could share with me some other excercises, fun games, and advice!

    Thanks to all
    Everyone has something you can learn from them. (Good or Bad)
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