I am a newbie in the workout system. I tried various supplements and workouts and after 4 months the results were mediocre. so I hired a trainer to help me integrate into the system. He advised me to buy Isomass Extreme mass Gainer. I'm 60 kgs and 1.86 meters. so i desperately need to gain weight. the serving size in the isomass is 3 scoops. my trainer advised me to take 2 scoops after training and 1 scoop before bed and 1 scoop of my off days. He told me that my body absorbs only a limited number of protein (45 g per meal- thus 2 scoops of isomass) and any excess is a waste.

1) is he right?
2) what is the appropriate number of serving/scoops i should take after gym, before bed, and on off day?
3) is it wrong to take other supplements like amino acids or glutamine or leukic in addition to the isomass?

please answer each question ... i urgently need help