First of all, thank you TSN for sending me not one (like most other companies), but THREE sample doses. This helps immensely when trying out a new product.

Taste: 7/10.

Good fruit punch flavor. Goes down easy without a problem. It also dissolved very well with a couple stirs of a spoon.

Performance: 9/10

I normally use an ABB N.O. powder, which I now have to use two scoops of to get the same results as when I first started using the product. I took one dose of 370, and had more focus and energy than with two scoops of my usual PWS. Pumps were amazing on bicep/tri day. Chest was also great. I set a new PR on bench press. Focus and enduring was also great, as I felt I could always push out another rep.

I love this product and will be buying some.
Thanks TSN for the samples.