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    Smile WBFF Pro Fitness Model new to BodyBuilding

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ryan John-Baptiste and I became a professional fitness model last year at the 2010 WBFF Quebec Championships. As a pro fitness model, I have become dedicated to continue my pursuit in sharing my knowledge in fitness with the world. So here on the Bodybuilding forums, I will be sharing with you some of my personal tips focusing on the different areas of fitness and health, such as training and nutrition.

    Feel free to also visit my homepage, IronMuscleTv (link provided on the left and on my profile page), where you can sign up (it's free!) and receive free fitness advice and nutritional tips, have a chance to win Optimum nutrition supplements through my monthly challenges and competitions, and receive IronMuscleTv blog updates and seminar information.

    Speak to you soon!
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    WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Ryan John-Baptiste

    'Builds Better Bodies'
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