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    Question OxyElite Pro and surrounding controversy

    I found this supplement when I went to GNC last week, and was recommended by the employee there to try it. It was on sale, so I figured, "Why not?". I purchased some Protein Powder, so I got a free sample, and figured I'd try that and return it if I didn't like it. A few facts about myself:

    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 160 (yes, I know it's a lot... shush)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    I'm on Day 4, and here is my experience thus far. I'd like to preface this post by saying that I'm NOT affiliated with USPLabs (though you skeptics will say, "Oh, well, you said that, which means you definitely are!". Well, you can believe that, if you'd like, but it's not true). I'm not someone who's accustomed to taking pills, either. In fact, I only take my multi-vitamin because my uncle forces me to.

    In any case, I have been on this drug for 4 days now, and I'm definitely going to say that I feel its effects. The biggest change I see, is in my level of energy. One pill in the morning (so far... Will increase to 2 gradually), and in half an hour, I'm ready to face my day. The first day, it sort of overloaded my circuits a little bit. I was slightly shaky, but nothing too detrimental. I was able to harness that energy and use it to my advantage. I work a desk job, so I noticed I was typing faster, but with fewer mistakes, which is quite unsual for me. ^^" So, boost in energy (albeit RAPID boost in energy) was definitely one of its effects.

    As far as appetite suppression goes, I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I'll do my best. It suppresses my "excess" appetite. What I mean by this is, I do get hungry... But I tend to eat to satisfy, not to fill myself to the brim. I eat 6 times a day, of course, in small portions, and this pill seems to have timed itself pretty well to my metabolism.

    I eat breakfast at about 7:00-7:30 AM (Half a banana, maybe a piece of toast, one carton of low-carb yogurt and a glass of orange juice), and snack again (celery/carrots or a 100-calorie pack of whatever I want) at 9:00-9:30 AM. I have lunch at Noon (varies depending on my mood... Today was low-carb pasta with a little olive oil, a few herbs, and shredded parmesan cheese), and another snack at around 3 PM. I'm home by 4:30 PM, when I consume one serving of a protein shake, and that usually holds me over for dinner, which is usually fairly light (some type of protein-- I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian, so either egg whites or tofu-- and lots of veggies).

    Now that you know what I eat, it may help you better understand what I mean by "curbing appetite". It doesn't negate my appetite completely (though, sometimes I have to remind myself to eat), but I definitely don't overeat.

    On to the next effect: many people have reported increased perspiration/raise in body temperature. For me, I must say, the effect is rather mild. But then again, I enjoy warmer temperatures than cooler, so my body is accustomed to being warm. I normally don't sweat too heavily, so I wasn't expecting a change. I feel "flushed" sometimes, but again, that sensation feels good to me.

    And last, but not the least: fat loss. To be absolutely honest, I have not a CLUE about this. I refuse to weigh myself in small increments, because I believe that only sets me up to sabotage my motivation (if I don't see results). Though, both my mother and my aunt have told me my face looks a little slimmer. Additionally, I had tried on a dress last week before starting my new regimen (pills, diet and all) and now, when I put on the dress this morning, it definitely fit loosely. I wouldn't call it a miraculous difference, but it was there.

    I will be starting the P90X system later today (since it arrived in the mail yesterday), and I believe Oxyelite will give me the energy I need to endure the rigorous exercise regimen.

    Now an important part of this review: the side effects.

    On the whole, I haven't noticed any debilitating adverse side-effects. A couple of things (and I'm hoping someone from USPLabs can clarify this for me) are that my pupils are slightly dialated. Nothing out of the ordinary, but my pupils are generally quite small, and after starting the recommended dosage, I've noticed they've dialated slightly.

    Another rather unique side-effect (this may seem gross, sorry if I offend anyone) is that my urine has a very distinct smell. I've been keeping myself well-hydrated so, I go quite often. There is no discoloration, but I definitely smell something... different. Not sure if that's normal, as I mentioned before, I'm not savvy on what other pills cause, or if it's something that happens often.

    Bottom line: I'd say give this product a try, I've recommended it to a couple of people. I like the effect it has on my body... We'll see what happens long-term.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope it was helpful!

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    great writeup, I used OxyElite myself and didn't see much fat loss but the energy factor was definitely there
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