I was looking over some old threads and posts of Timberwolf (Kane Sumabat) and came across his Diet Experiment.

He essentially threw out all of the typical diet mumbo jumbo and bro science that you hear these days and went back to the simpler things.

Seeing as how I'm not a competitive bodybuilder and have nothing to lose, I might as well give this a shot. I have never been below 8% bodyfat and am curious to see what happens.

My starting caloric intake will be 1850 on workout days. For every mile that I walk (3.5-4.0mph @ 15 incline) I will add 100 calories to my diet.
Ex) Workout (1850cals) + 2 miles of walking = 2050 cals

Also, if I have a particularly active day outside of my normal exercise routine, I will add in 100 calories as well.

On days where I do cardio/calves/abs only, I will keep my calories at 1850, however I will not add any additional calories based on my milage

As far as macronutrients go, protein will be at least 1g-1.5g per lb/bw, plenty of fats, and enough carbs to keep me sane. I'm shooting for roughly 150g (my bodyweight in grams) per day.

Meal timing and food choice is completely thrown out the window. As long as I hit my numbers, that's all I really care about.

I will have 1 refeed day per week where I bump up the carbs to about 350-400g, and raise the calories slightly above maintenance (maintenance=2300-2400, so I'll shoot for 2500-2600). Protein on these days is lowered to 1g/lb bw/ and fats fill in the rest. Preferably, I will have a refeed day every 3 to 4 days of dieting.

I will also include a cheat day into my week where I don't care about measuring out my macros and just eat the combos I feel like. Cheat meals are often going to be included in the cheat day where I'll go out to a restaurant with family or friends and have whatever I like. The main point of the cheat day is to get a break from dieting (refeed day is still very methodical and structured)

refeed days/cheat days will ALWAYS fall on back/legs day because those are my hardest workout sessions and cardio will not be performed on these days

I'll keep updating how progress is going, my meal plan for the day, how I feel etc. Hopefully by doing this I'm planning on introducing people to a better dieting experiment. Thanks to Kane for inspiring this, as my diet is very very close to his, if not exact. I mean, who likes dieting when all they have to look forward to is chicken breast and oatmeal? yuk.