For whatever reason (probably Allergies if not an infection), it seems my sinuses are producing excessive mucus.

It runs down the back of my nose. Every time I swallow, I have to clear my throat and then I get a good mix of saliva and mucus which I am unable to spit out.

I think that this is upsetting my stomach for a few reasons...

I am bloating and I can hear liquid and/or gas washing inside my stomach when I press into it. I also got sharp pains when I press on my stomach, feels like I need to release gas.

My theory is that because I am swallowing constantly, I am trapping [swallowed] air in my gastrointestinal tract. I also read that mucus traps water so this could all be why I am bloating possibly? My stool is green probably from the mucus and my stool floats probably from the trapped air...

I can't stop the mucus though. Right now, I'm on Zyrtec. It helps, but barely. I also tried Benedryl which is a much stronger antihistamine than Zyrtec, however, the Benedryl makes me really tired and makes my nose burn like hell.

This is all stopping me from touching a dumbbell and causes me to eat like a bird - maybe 1500 cals everyday.

This ****in blows, am I screwed?

-i have excessive mucus due to allergies which i can't spit out
-excessive swallowing mucus/air making me sick to my stomach
-lost a lot of weight
-Zyrtec/Benedryl not helping much at all

Wat do?