Hey guys I had surgery and some medical issues and through the whole thing dropped 20lbs, which was pretty much all muscle which you can tell from my AVI, I didn’t have much weight to drop.

Ok, so I am working out again, got back into it slowly with dumbbells I have at home. I am extremely weak and feel back to square 1 as I am doing 50-75% weight of what I used to do on exercises. I am thinking I can workout at home with my bench and dumbbells, 10-90lbs and get a bit stronger before taking trips to the gym again as the simple dumbbell exercising is completely wearing me out and making me very sore.

Ok, enough background, my real question is what is the best type of plan to get back into it this way? I have been doing 3 sets per body part every other day or every 3 days and changing the exercise for every other cycle. My muscles are really feeling this but I am wondering is there a better plan I can set up for myself? Thanks.