1. When air expands adiabatically (without gaining or losing heat), its pressure P and volume V are related by the equation PV1.4 = C, where C is a constant. Suppose that at a certain instant the volume is 300 cm3 and the pressure is 80 kPa and is decreasing at a rate of 10 kPa/min. At what rate is the volume increasing at this instant?

2. If two resistors with resistances R1 and R2 are connected in parallel, as in the figure below, then the total resistance R, measured in ohms (Ω), is given by the equation below. If R1 and R2 are increasing at rates of 0.3 Ω/s and 0.2 Ω/s, respectively, how fast is R changing when R1 = 70 Ω and R2 = 100 Ω? (Round to 3 decimal places.)

1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2

3. A ferris wheel with a radius of 13 m is rotating at a rate of one revolution every 2 minutes. How fast is a rider rising when the rider is 25 m above ground level?