Hey, I'm new to this posting thing but I need help to stay motivated. I'm doing a Figure comp in April and am always looking for ways to stay motivated and tricks to staying focused on my diet.

I am temporarily photo-less I have experienced a lot of changes in my physique in just a matter of months.

there are some very important areas I think I need to build up especially:

Shoulders and Back

I love working shoulders but absolutely loath working back because I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with the work out.
right now my shoulder work out looks like:

arnolds 20s--10 reps/3sets finish with 15s/1set

side raises--8s 10 reps/3-4sets

shoulder press--20s/2sets 15s/2sets

and back day consists of

low row--45--4sets
lat pull down--50?--4sets
some machine i cant remember the name of--you sit on it opposite of what you would do if you were doing pecs.

anyways--would love to hear how everyone hits back day would like some tips/ new ideas!