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Thread: Trenabol X

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    Trenabol X

    Has anyone ever tried this? I'm assuming like most or all prohormones this could worsen, male pattern baldness. Does anyone know otherwise?

    The literature on the product claims that the 1,4 Andro in the stack increases appetite. Does anyone concur?

    The only cycle I've ever done, I had to quit early because I lost all appetite and therefore I actually lost weight on the cycle. It was a cycle of 1-Test and 4 AD.

    I've heard that 1 test can decrease appetite in some. Ever happen to you or was this just a freak thing for me?

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    I'm on the 6th week of a Trenabol-X cycle. I use minoxidil topical (have been for a while) and have not noticed any change in my hair.

    I also haven't noticed any huge size gains on Trenabol, either. I've picked up some strength but not as much as I would have expected using 1 bottle every 9 days. There's another thread around here comparing Mag-10 to Trenabol. I might try that next & see how it works. Just food for thought.
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    Hey Dave I had the same problem with my cycle regarding the appetite. I know you are knew but please try to use the search button. Many people have used Trenabol-X. Instead of using Trenabol-X and Mag-10 why don't u use a trans. Better absorbtion and better price, plus better results. Not hard to see what to get. Hey Dave, next time get more 1,4 andro or 4ad to combat the loss of appetite. I used t-1 pro by bdc . Next time I will try a transdermal with some 1,4 andro.
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    just a suggestion

    1,4 does increase appetite, but it is better if taken orally. Stick to a transdermal with 1test and 4-ad and take either 1,4 or 5alpha orally.
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