Wasn't sure whether this post fit here or in the Supplement Forum but thought I'd take my chances here.

Just some background: Recently I have been dealing with a bit of tendon pain in my elbows. I've taken glucosamine/chondroitin for over a year now, just for precautionary measures. I've eliminated the exercises that cause my elbow pain and it's going away to where I think I can start doing direct tricep work again. But that is not my issue.

I ordered Super Cissus RX to help out with that tendon inflammation, but I've only been taking it for 5 days.

Severe plantar fasciitis has been a massive pain in my ass (rather my foot), for close to 2 years now. It is very bad in my right foot and moderate in my left. My right foot became so inflammed that I developed bursitis and 24-7 it feels like I have a little ball on the bottom of my foot. It's worse when I'm barefoot. I've received cortisone injections and prescribed very expensive prescription orthotics. They helped a bit at first, but the pain has gotten worse. It doesn't help that I work a stand-up job on hard floors I'm sure.

The doctor said that orthotics provide relief in about 85% of patients but I may be that unlucky 15%. He recommended shockwave therapy which allegedly also has a high but not 100% success rate. Albert Pujols actually had this done when he had chronic plantar fasciitis issues. That's the only other non-invasive relief and they usually try to shy away from doing invasive surgery on that ligament. Also the shockwave therapy is not covered by insurance and costs roughly $500 per foot. I am considering it a few months from now.

ANYWAY....my question is: Would regular Cissus use provide any relief at all from plantar fasciitis? I'm looking for people who have had issues with this and possibly took this supplement and noticed some improvement.

Hope to hear some good news but will appreciate any replies.