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    How to get back in shape for Rugby & the summer ;-)


    I am 43 years old and haved played Rugby until the age of 38. I did keep up going to the Gym three times a week and went for a run twice a week.

    Unfortunately two year ago I got a new job in Sweden and haven't been in a Gym or done any sport since then.

    Back in England now and I would like to join my old senior Rugby team.

    Does anyone have an idea who I could get back into shape? That is muscle-gain and fitness.

    I was planing on going to the Gym 3 times and goning for a run twice a week.

    Greatefull for any training plans or any other suggestions. Thanks


    P.S.: When I stoped playing I was on 98-102kg at 1,77metre. Now I am down to 85kg and a lot less muscle and more of the ugly stuff. ;-)
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