Ive been researching and ive come up with a stack to increase testosterone
I will be taking it for 2 months and hopefully see good results

Maca monster- used for hormone balance and lower stress levels
Ashwagandha- Lowers cortisol levels which rise when working out excessively
L tyrosine- amino acid which nourishes pituitary gland
Cartitine- amino acids which also nourished pituitary gland and increases growth hormones
Tongkat ali powder(rootofthematter.com)-increases free and total testosterone
L lycine
Jamacian sarsaparilla powder- Has testosterone mimicing properties
Icariin- Increases total testosterone

The reason i am trying this is my levels were at 221 and 388 ng/dl. i got it to 388 by taking axis labs HyperTest which has bulgarian tribulus in it, so if u want a 75% increase, i would try this. This was 8 months ago, and i have changed my diet and lifestyle since then. I was really stressed at the time, so i think thats how i got down to 221 cause i felt so tired and weak, now i have alot more energy and am stress free. Im hoping after taking this i get around 800-1100ng/dl, mabye even higher cause thats a range that most teens should be in, and im 18 so it should be higher.
Let me know ur thoughts and oppinions on this, ive never tried this but i know what works and what is a waiste of money.