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    Hip/Glute/Groin pain - Insight needed

    So about 4 weeks ago while I was doing SLDLs I was finishing up a heavy set and when I locked out at the top of the last rep, and activated my glutes I felt some pain in my left glute. I set the bar down and walked away noticing some immediate soreness/tightness toward the top of my left leg/lower back.

    Since then I've been more tight than usual when doing hamstring, hip flexor & piriformis stretches, which have been painful. I skipped my leg day that week, and the following Monday I was pain-free and feeling good, went to do my SLDLs again with a lower weight, and on the 2nd rep of my first set I felt it again and this time it was much worse. I couldn't even finish my workout it hurt so bad. Pain, tightness, and tingling down to my ankle at times for about a 3-4 days after.

    I've been to the doctor because it got bad enough where it hurt when walking and in some cases even sitting or lying down. Because of the pain descriptions and numbness/tingling I was feeling within the first week the LPN said it was likely lumbar radiculopathy.

    I have been doing work on what feels like a large knot in my left glute, with a foam roller and a tennis ball. It almost feels at times like the knot is so inflamed that I'm doing more harm than good. When I put enough weight on the tennis ball it hurts to the point where I start shaking. I've been seeing a chiropractor and he's been adjusting both hips 3x/week for the last 2 weeks.

    After 10 days off from the gym, including any cardio, I went back to the gym yesterday to do my chest/upper back workout and even that caused some pain and inflammation.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything familiar, and/or if someone can give me some advice on what to do. I plan on continuing to see the chiropractor but am wondering if I should be seeing my doc to try to get an MRI, or if I should just take more time off and RICE (without the E. hard to elevate a hip). I just hate taking time off from the gym. I guess I'm not sure why a chest or arm workout could affect my hip/glutes.
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    I am literally having the exact same problem you are describing in almost every manner. What is strange is I cannot pinpoint any exact cause of the "knot" in my glute. I am a long distance runner (and do not normally do a lot of lower body lifting because my legs already get a decent workout from running). However, since last summer I have been suffering from an issue where my left glute literally feels as if it shuts down while running. Later on in the day it becomes very tight and feels as if I have ball/knot in it. I was using a foam roller and a tennis ball like you have been to try to get it out. I even worked on my hamstrings and calves and my IT-band. Whenever I went over the tender spot in the glute it caused a great deal of pain/discomfort and it felt more irritated than anything for 1-3 days afterwards.

    Recently I have started a lower body strength training routine hoping to alleviate the problem by strengthening the glutes/lowerback/hamstrings. I know that I have weak glutes and this is making me more tired when I run. One problem I have come across in the past week is that while my glutes do feel like they are activated more and I'm noticing a good difference when I walk/run, the knot in my left glute has started to bother me. I'm not running right now so it's not from that. It bothers me when walking, sitting, and especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I know how you feel because it can start as stiffness, then a dull ache, and then this deep/tender sharper ache/pain that just naggggs! It's hard to locate at first, but if you press in the right place it literally can send radiating pain allll the way down the side of your leg to your ankle (just as you mentioned).

    To get to the point, I have a good guess as to how the problem may have began. Do you work a 9-5 job? If so does a lot of the job require that you are in a sitting position at a desk?? This problem increased greatly when I had a job over winter break which required me to sit for long hours out of the day. I realize that you are in good shape and work out every day. The problem is that when you are sitting, your glutes remain inactive (they can atrophy over time) and your hip flexors are constantly stretching/contracting. This causes a good deal of muscular imbalances and also pelvic tilting can start to occur when you attempt other exercises. This may be why your chiropractor is doing the work on your pelvis. What I want to tell you is don't be quick to assume that you did something drastic during a lift that caused an immediate problem. You may very well have had this knot/cramp muscle issue in your glute for awhile and it was irritated and came to the surface when you did that lifting exercise. I have noticed the knot get worse lately since I have started squats, dead lifts, lunges, ect.

    One thing I know that makes it better for me is if I gently warm up, and do a lot of stretching AFTER my main workout. I really focus on my hamstrings, hip ab/adductors, groin, and my lower back. It won't make the knot go away in a day, but after 4-5 days I notice a major difference. The best thing to do might be to find ways to activate your glutes while you are at work. When you are on a short break, find a good place to do some standing lunges/squats or even stretch a little bit. When you are walking around or up a flight of stairs, focus on contracting your glutes more to get them firing. When you are lifting, do you do any exercises for your hip ab/adductors? Some people really neglect these muscle but they focus a lot on the glutes/hamstrings and this can cause major imbalances/weaknesses as well.

    I am sorry this is so long! I am just really struggling with the same issue and I feel your pain. I realize this post is rather old but if you found out anything I haven't mentioned please let me know!
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    read this link !!!

    Hi -- Sorry to post again after my first novel, but I literally just found a website that described every single thought/problem I have had with my glute to a T! I was so surprised when reading it I wanted to celebrate. I have had this issue for over a year now with a "knot" in my glute and it chronically gets worse. You should really read over this website and see if what you are experiencing is similar. The diagram at the top of the page is literally pinpointing the exact location that the radiating pain starts in my glute. It's like I made it myself...

    I would suggests if this IS close to what you are describing, print out the page and bring it to your therapist yourself! That's what I'm going to do ASAP. What is funny is if you read the entire link, it explains how it is often misdiagnosed and I have literally had two doctors (a chiro and a massage therapist) tell me it was scatia, or lower back pain. They insisted upon it and I was always getting pelvic readjustments that never did ANYTHING and I would leave feeling incredibly frustrated because it felt like they massaged/adjusted everything up to an inch away from all the nagging pain was.

    Hope this helps !!!

    (I just realized it wont let me post a link, so go to Google and type in the search bar : knot in gluteus maximus . Then click on the FIRST link that appears which should say "Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain." Don't be thrown off by the "lower back." I realize this is not your main problem. But click on the link...because I think you will be very surprised.
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