Hi i'm planning on trying to drop a ton of weight (muscle not necessarily fat) over the winter before training season to try and reduce leg muscle size, so i actually have "elite runner sized" calfs/quads). My legs are quite muscular (naturally, even though my upper body is fairly thin), and losing the muscle mass would likely make a huge difference in performance. I have no need to lose body fat, but i'm sure that will have to happen for a while in order to lose muscle as well.

Figured i'd have to lose a ton of weight all over in order to lose leg muscle mass....I'm at 163 lbs and 6% body fat now race weight, and think I'd have to get down to like 150 or something drastic, then come back up a bit to a more healthy 155 or so race weight (back around that 6% body fat but less leg muscle weight).

Should I just cut down calories across the board (what i've been doing), or cutting specifically protein/carbs/fat etc. I'm sure cutting carbs would be easiest as far as losing weight, but thought cutting protein might be more appropriate to lose that muscle mass?

Also trying to figure out if rapid weight loss or gradual would be better. obviously for normal people gradual is best.....but if you're intentionally trying to lose muscle then i wonder if rapid would be better?