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    Distance running???

    Does anyone here run distances?? If so, how many miles do you currently run a week, what's your best mile time, and what's your longest run??
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    i do a little bit, ,but mostly throw now. I found that if i want to gain size you cant really run distance. I still run the 800 and my best time for it is 2:07, i havent run it yet this season. My best mile time was 4:50. For practice we basically broke it up into a track workout, hill, longer run, then the last 2 days problly another track workout and some sort of strengthening workout. On average i pobably ran 15-20 miles a week, which was pretty good for the 800.
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    I'm a sprinter but i'm very slow lol i should be on long distantce but since I'm a frosh the put me on sprint to gain speed and try 2 get stamina cause i can't run a mile stride 4 nothing any my sprinting stats so far are 100 15.1 200 31. and 400 75
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    i run the 1600m and 3200m (and i eat like a friggen monster-or to me what seems like alot-to keep on what little muscle i have)

    right now i run about 45 miles per week, as we're into competition season (early season topped 70 a few times, usually 60-65). my longest single run was 13 miles, combined w/ warmup and cooldown stuff i run about 15mi in ~2 hours.

    i run the mile/1600 in 4:58 and the 2mile/3200 in 10:40.

    it's a really tough challenge retaining mass and doing distance running. muscle will help you to a certain extent... too much of it and its just dead weight. i think my ideal race weight is about 104, so for about 5 days before a meet i cut down (all the running shreds the fat off so fast), then afterwards build back up over about a week to 106-107. i used to be in the low 90s, and i ran pretty fast just because i had little weight at all, but i constantly felt like crap. so i tried really hard to put on some quality muscle weight, and i've actually improved my times.

    it's amazing because you burn an extra 600+ calories per day w/ the running and your metabolism is sky-high... i swear i eat like a 150-pounder just to not lose weight .
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