It's my last quiz for the course so i can get this stupid ticket off of my record. I just got my first speeding ticket when i was going 45 mph in a 40 (WTF!?), on top of that it was 30 minutes after i got in a car wreck, this stupid chick backed in to me in a parking lot because she was relying on a some system that beeps when someone is behind you. stupid **** should of turned her head. Anyway i got a $1,000 check from her insuranse company so it's all good.

cool story bro!

Any input on these questions would be appreciated.

1 There have been improvements to ABS including __________.

an emergency assist feature
an imminent failure warning
the lack of a pulse
audible failure warnings

2 __________ transport a pet in the bed of an open pickup truck.

The Humane Society recommends that you
Nothing bad can happen if you
It is legal to transport young children and to

3 According to the NHTSA, the combination of __________ and __________ reduce the risk of serious crash-related head injury by 83 percent.

front air bags, seat belts
anti-lock brakes, door locks
softer dashboards, headrests
skilled drivers, cell phones

4 Check a rental vehicle for __________ before you leave the lot.

cup holders
scratches and dents
fuel economy

5 If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle, __________.

donate the old ones to a charity
you can be sure they will be refurbished
make sure they are disposed of correctly
ask to see the old ones

6 Every 15,000 miles, __________.

grease the hinges
check the hood latch
check the ball joints
check the automatic transmission fluid

7 One of the most important things you should do before you leave the lot with a rental car is __________.

know your destination
make sure it is clean
check the spare
check to see if you can get a discount

8 The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are written in terms of __________ safety performance requirements for motor vehicles.


9 Do not try to drive more than __________ hours in any one day.


10 One driving technique that could increase your fuel economy is to __________.

maximize the use of your brakes
drive in lower gears
under-inflate your tires
avoid unnecessary idling