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  • i like having one on one convos with very attractive women, am i a beta phaggot?

    am i beta phaggot? Im talking about 8/10 + HBB. If i get in a conversation with her and afterwards it doesn't lead to smashing, i still feel good about it. Making eye contact with beautiful women and...
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  • what is usually the shortest lease length for home rentals in the US?

    I know you can get 1 year leases with the standard rent price. Are most landlords willing to do a 6 or 9 month leases? would i be likely looking at paying extra or no? i don't see why not on 8...
  • how do you explain a girl who messaged me first...

    how do you explain a girl who messaged me first and saying i was cute and as we were talking, she said i know you are super hot but im not looking to hook up and you seem like you want to hook up. I...
  • how much does being in school or having coworkers help in the dating scene?

    work at home, don't go to school. how much am i missing out on potentially finding a gf? I use online dating only
  • why isn't there a free app for just hooking up that is mainstream? (srs)

    yes tinder is for hooking up but it doesn't market itself as a hook up app.

    Unless im wrong and all the girls are DTF the first night if they are attracted to you. Are there girls that are not...
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  • what percentage of craiglists casual encounter posts are actually legit? (srs)

    i see like bunch of ads for w4m under casual encounters some of them actually look legit, and not like a bot or a hooker, but are they really legit? are there actual legit sloots wanting discrete...
  • can i just have regular conversations with girls on tinder?

    I find using pickup lines cheesey as phuck. can i just talk to them like a regular person while being interesting at times ? my intent is to hook up though
  • is this one of the best looking half asian guy ever?

  • has the quality of your life been improved or worsen after quitting caffeine?

    like after not using caffeine for a month, is your life better?
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  • makes weight loss way harder for me. caloric...

    makes weight loss way harder for me. caloric deficit and progress is super slow. I'm sure it's different with everyone else but for me it is. Must be cortisol or insulin resitance. was able to lose...
  • loss of interest in hobbies and things after quitting caffeine. (srs)

    i feel like this on the first 5 days of of quitting. Never gone beyond that and end up drinking coffee again because i hate this kind of feeling. will loss of interest and motvation come back after a...
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    what kind of things do women like ? (srs)

    we know they like getting railed on weekend, going out and using social media, what about other stuff?

    are women big readers? do they surf the web a lot? do they play rec sports? what are some...
  • shoulder/chest/torso width>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>arm size

    big arms and narrow arms goofy as fukk. extreme example is Nick Wright

    wide torso smallish arms, athletic looking. ie Ronaldo.
  • "just looking for friends"=want to hook up

    when a girl states this on her online dating profile, does this mean she doesn't want to date and just want to hang out with guys and hook up with she's attracted?

    who the phuck looks for friends...
  • insecurity is the biggest turnoff n confidence is the biggest turnon in a personality

    to a woman.

    true or false?
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