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  • Wrong it's about 2 cups of coffee of caffeine I'm...

    Wrong it's about 2 cups of coffee of caffeine I'm a caffeine expert
  • ITS the BEST!!!!

    Iron pump is THE BEST pump pre workout or hell anytime you need some clean energy product I've taken and I've been lifting 22 years. I have tried so many others most feel about the Same and I can get...
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    I take em

    I use MP BCAAs caps and take 1 serving some days and days I take 3 servings. Is the 3-2-1 ratio so I do take 5 grams before bed along with 5-10 grams of Glutamine. I have been doing this for this...
  • Well it has hit me

    Still two days after doing just 5 sets of pull-ups BW 192ish about 10-12 reps per set then I go right into deadLifts one light set then add couple plates then...I do about 5-6 sets with 315lbs 5-7...
  • Iron cuts

    Boom don't even ask why you will love it if you are a guy.
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    Arnold series = BEST

    No need to keep looking around and asking questions about what protein powder to use or which pack is the best or best fat burner of best this best that.

    Just take the Arnolds Series Iron pack,...
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    Today's pro vrs golden era

    Arnold , frank Zane , Robby Robinson all of them looked better than Phil Heath , jay cutler , Ronny Coleman . It's not even close and it's not my opinion. Is 99.9999% of humans that lift weights &...
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    Arnold Iron packs

    I took animal paks for long time but switched to arnold MP Iron packs and the Iron pack is better. Higher dosages does not mean it's better - I like the certain things are low or don't have a lot in...
  • Exactly

    No shyt why in the world would anyone care what the hell some one else wore? To te gym? lol . I wear a damn hoodie bc I like to stay hot or at least warm then lot of times will take it off it I get...
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    I figured but wanted to ask for a few opinions a couple guys told me that it can but I think it's body fat and sodium etc.
  • I started to cut out bread

    I've had puffy nips sucks hate it love the way they look in us pool shower & cold . Anyways all I really pay attention to is eating a lot of protein & making sure I get my veggies in and drink tons...
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    Soy lecithin

    Is it really bad it seems like it's in just about every pre workout, amino drink supplements & whey protein powders etc.
    I just stared to watch how how wheat I'm taking in at least I mean I'm...
  • Arnold packs are good hell vit D is cheap I...

    Arnold packs are good hell vit D is cheap I ALWAYS buy Vit d & Coenzyme b complex & omega 3s separate so arnold packs go well with what I take. I also take animal flex & cissus bc joints are...
  • Arnold series

    The bright neon green packaging is great but if it was all white or black or purple container it would sell great. The iron whey is great and sells like crazy plus it mixes great, Taste great & well...
  • Some can yes

    The problem is people say things don't work bc they didn't gain 15lbs and feel awesome and get stronger like they were taking some real testosterone.
    Yes there are test boosters than will boost...
  • Some is better than none but

    Take it everyday if you can it's not expensive if it is somehwre still it's important for a weight lifter if you care about lifting for a long time. I take a pack of animal flex everyday I also take...
  • Test levels?

    Are your test levels low? I mean going to get them tested can be a bunch of BS bc it changes so much throughout the day. You can usually feel it lot of time people say stuff doesn't work bc well they...
  • Old thread new bump

    Well of course you're more tired deadlifts are the KING of lifing along with any form of free weight chest presses. I leave squats out although they are right there I just like deads more and they...
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    Glutamine - take extra

    For a natural guy looking for something to help with muscle recovery even just a little bit or someone who cares about their health. They would could benefit from taking extra glutamine - I take 5...
  • old old thread I need to get a hold O Matt Gaines!

    old old thread I need to get a hold O Matt Gaines!
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