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    rate the "Syrian girl"
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  • guess im doing it wrong. im asking like the same...

    guess im doing it wrong. im asking like the same day when to hang.
  • how long does a girl want to talk to you online before wanting to meet up? (srs)

    i hate talking to random bishes online, rather just meet in person. Can you ask to soon and ruin a chance to smash?

    or if a chick is attracted to you it doesn't matter how early you ask?

  • so polynesians are low test?

    so polynesians are low test?
  • not desiring a girlfriend and wanting to smash many bishes=high test?

    having oneitises, longing for the one, daydream of cuddling and holding hands=low test?

    is this right?

    a high test alpha machine just want to smash as many bishes ugly or not?

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    quickness vs speed

    can some have average top end speed but have excellent quickness, such as change of direction, agility and acceleration?

    could the revers be true? someone who has excellent speed in the track but...
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  • more accurate way to gauge fat loss progress measuring tape or scale in the morning?

    given that you're weight can fluculate very easily due to glycogen levels, what is more accurate to gauge fat loss?

    assuming you measure in the morning after the morning chit.
  • yep but i got a decently thick and wide torso.

    yep but i got a decently thick and wide torso.
  • that feel when jacked legs but skinny arms.


    would rather have chicken legs and bigger arms.

    brb people dont notice legs unless you are wearing short shorts or naked.

    brb fitted shirt with big arms you look huge...
  • what % of miscers do you think claim their weight after a full day of eating?

    i gain like 5 lbs of weight after a full day of eating.
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    is every bish on tinder DTF? (srs)

    if a girl messages you first does she want the D bad?

    shoudl i not even spit game when bishes message me first and be boring as **** and arrange to meet to smash?
  • if a girl smokes weed, has tattoos,instagram account, and listens to edm or rap=sloot

    accurate or no for the most part?

    and most obviously if she has a tinder account.
  • so misc memes but phaggy time?

    so misc memes but phaggy time?
  • does anyone get msgs from phaggots on dating sites even when you have it to straight?

    i get random ones once in a while, these homos are searching for straight men on dating sites. creepy as fuark brah
  • seems to lose weight easy in winter, harder in the summer (srs)

    seems like when i lost a good amount of fat it was in the winter time, summer time i tried to cut and it was more difficult. what is this i dont even.

    genetics? or some biological reason?
  • actually homeless people would probably...

    actually homeless people would probably appreciate it if they jacked up the heat.
  • cold weather, been living arizona and nevada for...

    cold weather, been living arizona and nevada for a couple of years.
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