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  • haven't seen veins in month due to bulking, can't wait to see em again, kno dat feel?

    not fat at all, but not lean, veins dissapeared, only get one or two veins, can't wait to see em again
  • you can also easily start a fire with cavemen...

    you can also easily start a fire with cavemen technology, and use animal fur as heat. in the desert without technology, phucked.
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  • would you rather be more adaptive to the cold or heat if you could change?

    if you pick more heat adaptive, your adaptiveness to the cold will remain the same as before, not less.

    if you become more heat resitant, you will be less prone to sunburns and stay cooler in the...
  • is it too late for a 24 year old guy to be decent in softball/baseball?

    obviously not going to try to pursue a semi pro career. never played until very recently, did some batting cages, did alright, managed to hit some balls decently far. Want to join an adult softball...
  • already lifted yesterday brah, fuuark kc brah,...

    already lifted yesterday brah, fuuark kc brah, strong coincidence. tell me about them kc sloots
  • suggest what i do from 6pm to 10 pm to get out of the house

    i just moved to a new house, new city (kansas ), and there is no light in my miscing/chilling room and no light in the living room. gonna get them installed tomorrow. I hate being inside with...
  • fasting/calorie restriction is the best example of mental toughness/strength

    a healthy amount of calorie restriction or a fast no longer than 36 hours is actually healthy for you. Calorie restriction is healthier than calorie surplus in a lifetime.

    Your body is telling...
  • damn nobody eats veggies?

    damn nobody eats veggies?
  • are free HD local channels enough, or should i get cable for like 40 a month?

    i got a digital antenna, so i get every free hd local channels such as abc, nbc, cbs,CW, PBS, and a bunch of other obscure channels, which half of religious channels some are oldies movie channels....
  • costco membership worth it for the meats only?

    heard their beef were awesome, would it be worth it for that ?

    not really gonnna get anything probably, most of the stuff are in bulk anyways
  • aren they just tv shows though ,not live tv...

    aren they just tv shows though ,not live tv channels?
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  • worth it to get cable for like 40 a month?

    i haven't had cable in years, but recently started to use digital atennas for local channels for a couple months. moved to a new city, thinking of getting cable but not sure if worth 40 extra. I...
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  • best way to steam veggies, with a steamer pot or with an electric one?

    been using a steamer pot where you put water in it to boil and put an insert over it. would it be simpler to use an electric steamer? would it taste the same? or better or worse?
  • can you gain more bicep peak if you add more bicep mass srs?

    obviously bigger biceps means bigger peak, but can the shape change a bit, going from kind of flat to more pointed? or will they just stay the same shape but just proportionally bigger?
  • da **** 8k is ****ing hooge. 4k is plenty for...

    da **** 8k is ****ing hooge. 4k is plenty for family of 4
  • any brahs live alone in a 2 bedroom place?

    is 900 square foot waste of space for one person?

    im looking at 2 bedroom homes ranging from 700-1000 sq feet.

    Im gonna use the first bedroom which will have my bed and the second bedroom will...
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