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    he's got a point,

    Are you asking cause you just like hearing girls give compliments? If yea hey I do the same ****, just not on a men's workout site. I was a model, ex gf is a model pretty big too. Just do it. My...
  • For about 10-20k you can get an alias made at...

    For about 10-20k you can get an alias made at SofState. So I'd spend money on flowers and fancy dinners on the best lookin girl at sec of state kissing her ass to hook it up. Once she does it it's 20...
  • this is true....

    Working out your lower body increases testosterone so yea, perhaps MAYBE you could have not gained as much size. But I'm sure you run, right? No better workout the a long run for your legs. I work...
  • OK! I'm gonna put A LOT of this to rest, NOW!

    I really don't care about the feedback unless it's thank's. You all have opinions and we all know the saying about opinions and how everyone has one. What I'm going to say is from what I went through...
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