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  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | FIBO Power 2015 Cancelled

    Hi predictors

    Just a quick note to say as the FIBO has been cancelled the next contest will be the EUROPA Orlando on the 2nd May

    Picks will open 29th April in the usual format.

    If people...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge Results | Arnold Australia 2015

    We have just kicked off the second round of the 2015 season and just like that we already have an upset in the standings.

    A unprecedented performance by both UnbiasedFan and Vytis netted them both...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | Arnold Classic 2015 Results

    It was a solid scoring round to kick us off for 2015.

    Current reigning King of Picks, szhantel set the pace with an awesome 15pt haul in the first round. Late comer from last year, AdamantiumYoke...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | Arnold Australia 2015 - Place Your Picks

    We had a good turn out for the last round, so lets build on this for the next round.

    The IFBB muscle train heads down under to flex their stuff at the Arnold Australia 2015

    1. Evan...
  • No problem, Flang. Bump for success

    No problem, Flang.

    Bump for success
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | Arnold Classic 2015 - Place Your Picks

    Okay let's kick off this year off strong!

    We will see how the year goes, if it peters out I'll call it off but we shall see how it goes

    1. Lionel Beyeke
    2. Evan Centopani
    3. Justin...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge 2015 | Arnold Classic

    Hi All

    Since the Arnold Classic is next week I thought I would take interest on who wants to compete in the Prediction Challenge this year

    If not enough people are keen this year we don't have...
  • Im on spread for all of you :(

    Im on spread for all of you :(
  • Great job everyone, it was a tough long season. A...

    Great job everyone, it was a tough long season. A shame many fell away in the last few rounds. next year I suggest we do the top 10 biggest shows or something of the like.
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge Results | Fitness House Pro and 2014 Overall Results

    Congrats to all those who stuck it out for all 15 rounds of what has been a massively long season for the Prediction Challenge. Maybe next year we will skip some as the small shows were very hard to...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | EUROPA PHOENIX Pro 2014

    Results for the EUROPA PHOENIX Pro 2014 (date 26th October) are below

    Round Results

    Overall Ladder...
  • I think we agreed to end it here, as the Lou show...

    I think we agreed to end it here, as the Lou show is only at the end of November.
  • 2014 IFBB Prediction Challenge | Fitness House Pro

    Wow we have finally made it to the last round of the season. It has been an epic marathon but we are finally here.

    Place your picks below.

    Results for the last round will be up soon (sorry I...
  • 2014 IFBB Prediction Challenge | Nordic Pro Results

    Results for the Nordic Pro up below


    Check it out.

    I will put up results from Europa Games by the end of the weekend so...
  • 2014 IFBB Prediction Challenge | EUROPA GAMES 2014

    Second last round of the season!

    Sorry I have not been able to get on here and update as much as I would like. Last round's results will be up tomorrow

    1. Grigori Atoyan
    2. Pablo...
  • Round Results and reg. Goldentime Pro


    Hi all, sorry for the delay in results. I have done the spread sheet but haven't had time to update the website

    They are attached below

    I've taken the decision to not do the...
  • bump

  • 2014 IFBB Prediction Challenge | Nordic Pro

    Just a few rounds to go before we finish the season on the 1st November. Everyone get their picks in

    1. Vladimir Agrinskiy
    2. Dainius Barzinskas
    3. Robert Burneika
    4. Oleg Emelianov...
  • IFBB Prediction Challenge | 2014 Arnold Classic Europe Results

    Results are up for the Arnold Europe. A Kai-no-show really messed up most peoples scores


    Next Round
  • Okay I shall add Picks list has been added...

    Okay I shall add

    Picks list has been added here

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