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  • who works out after being awake for longer than 10 hours?

    this would go towards peopel who work and then lift after work. do you still have energy to lift even if you work a desk job? How is the quality of the work out ? does timing of working out have any...
  • nobody knows this feel?

    nobody knows this feel?
  • TFW when wearing button up/dress shirts and you raise your arms and it's too tight

    Does anyone know this feel or am i alone?!

    If i wear a nicely fitted dress shirt it's only tight when i raise my arms up which makes my lats flex and its tight on the armpit area. does anyone...
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  • no i skip breakfast usually

    no i skip breakfast usually
  • mind blown at early bird/morning people, how is it possible?

    major night owl here, always want to stay up late, always **** up sleep schedule as a result, want to wake up late as well. I feel happier at night time regards of my sleep schedule.

    night time...
  • do stretch marks on armpit/pec delt tie in area/ mean muscle gains? (Srs)

    it's not a big stretch mark just a little bit. Does this mean i gained muscle mass? or could it be possible i gained zero muscle and gained all fat?
  • it is if you drink 3+ cup of coffee a day for ...

    it is if you drink 3+ cup of coffee a day for several years. It's not that hard, but it's not easy
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  • miscers who have sucessfully quit caffeine, tell me your story (srs)

    tell me how the process was and how you feel now compared to when you were having caffeine everyday. will rep helpful posts
  • fap before i eat so i wont get hungry when i fap after eating (srs)

    anyone do this? after i eat a meal and i get horny and fap in an hour i get hungrier the moment i nut so i try to fap before eating. (srs).
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  • anyone get two distinctive types of sugar cravings?

    type 1- fruit juice, fruits, soda, fruit flavored shakes and ice cream.

    type 2- cake, cookies, chocolate, donuts, ice cream, chocolate milk

    type 1 is the citrusy, fruity type of sugar craving...
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  • do you guys have a good amount of visceral fat?

    this is extreme, but notice how much fat he has inside his organs compared to the normal outer fat.
  • does how clean or dirty your place is make a difference in your mood and motivation?

    dirty house trash every where, stuff everywhere on the floor=makes me not motivated to do anything

    clean house, no trash, organized things= more motivated to do other things i need get done, more...
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  • what about 9-5 brahs who workout after work

    what about 9-5 brahs who workout after work
  • how many hours after waking up does your workout start getting worse?

    after being awake for 12 hours my workouts were a bit worse, less energy with preworkout even.

    i think for me after 10 hours after waking up my workouts gets worse.

    or it could be that im...
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    are 12 inch forearms pathetically small?

    5'8 175lb.

    12 inch forearms flexed, 11.75" relaxed. 14 inch biceps, probably 13.5" if i get down to 12% body fat right now at around 18 %.

    calves are 15" and quads are 22" so i got pretty...
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