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  • is anyone a serious musicians and do boxing or mma?

    I play the guitar and want to get into boxing, dont want to **** up my hands and fingers though.

    just gonna mainly heavy bag work and lessons but not full on fights.

    could i get my hand hands...
  • rock/metal festivals vs edm festivals, what's better

  • sweet brah. tell me more about it. from USA?

    sweet brah. tell me more about it. from USA?
  • is it true that australia pays unskilled workers well? (srs)

    thinking about moving to australia and stay there for a year or even less idk maybe 6 months, work in a restaurant waiting tables or work retail or other jobs that you can get without a degree and...
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  • call me a beta phaggot but i want to have some attractive female friends

    i wont act like a white knight buy her chit, but treat her like my guy friends.

    never had female friends crew
  • 55 degrees indoors is better than 80 degrees indoors.

    55 degrees inside? no problem, wear layers of clothes. comfy as phuck.

    80 degrees inside? already almost naked. fan only helps a little bit doesnt actually lower the temp.
  • better to run AC once for 6 minutes or twice for 3 minutes?

    my numbers may be wrong for what's typical. but is more frequent but less time using the AC better or worse for energy savings?
  • rec center brah.

    rec center brah.
  • can you lightly drop these type of dumbbells to the floor? (srs)

    My community center has these type of dumbbells and they have rubbery flooring. When I do bench press i drop these dumbbells like 4 inches off the ground so they do making a somewhat of a thud noise...
  • pathetically tiny frame + good insertions= big sean



    i was wider...
  • would you rather be twenty something in the 60's, 70's,80's, or 90s?

    i would choose the 80's personally.

    brb party all the time
    brb wild crazy sloots

    late 60's/early 70's would be awesome as well
    brb free love
    brb woodstock
  • better feeling, performing live as a musician or playing in a game as an athlete?

    what do you think is a better rush of feeling,being on stage in a band or as a solo act and everyone is cheering for you and listening to you or being an athlete in a game and scoring a point?
  • are mesh back office chairs comfortable? (srs)


    thinking of getting one with fabric seat with foldable arms.

    I was wondering if its comfortable resting your back on it ?...
  • i envy manmores with long arms legs and short torso that can sit like this

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    7 and 8 string guitars. branched off from...

    7 and 8 string guitars. branched off from progressive metal.
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    djent vs nu metal, what's better?

    nu metal was big in the 2000's, djent started to take off after 2010.

    what do you like better?

  • does advil really speed up healing? what about icing?

    let's say for a typical strain or sprain or whatever, just in general.

    I'd rather just ice, if advil doesnt make a difference as far as recovery is concerned and just reduces pain.

    Does icing...
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