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  • 1 Day out!!

    Weight: 127 lbs

    Morning workout was the same except no abs, legs or cardio. I am happy to see my stomach nice and flat this morning :)

    I cant update much more because I have freaking homework...
  • April 25th, 2013 - 2 DAYS OUT!

    Weight: 126.5 lb

    Workout 4/24 - Shoulder/Chest/Tri - 80% max weight, 3 sets of exercises (don't feel like writing it out right now).
    Workout 4/25- light full body routine, lost of posing...
  • Tuesday April 23rd, 2013 Update

    Weight: 127.5 lbs

    Felt less bloated and overall a little better today. Expected weight to be all over the place this week.

    Morning WO - Back/Bi/Abs - 80% effort 8-12 reps

  • Saturday 4/20 Shoulders and 4/22 Light Leg/Glute Day

    Its peak week again! I am coming into this week with a much more positive mindset than I did for my Buffalo show. That was such a conflicting week emotionally because I was dealing with my coach...
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    Agree with this ^^ I also went through a bit...

    Agree with this ^^

    I also went through a bit of a transition period with my body when I started eating a lot more veggies and again at the start of my prep. My suggestion would be to have a little...
  • I reread parts of my journal and now I understand...

    I reread parts of my journal and now I understand more why you posted this article....DUH.

    I get it now...
  • April 19th, 2013

    Weight: 127.5 lbs
    Feeling so much better about how I look, diet seems to be going well, but its only been a few days.

    Worked on posing a lot again this morning. Still not happy how I look on...
  • Day 1 and Day 2 - Heavy Legs/Calves and Chest/Tris

    Weight 4/16 - 128 lbs
    Weight 4/17 - 126.5 lbs (dropped water weight from post-show food)

    Day 1 - Legs/Calves
    WU Set 1, 10 reps - 95 lbs
    WU Set 2, 8 reps - 115 lbs
    4 sets of 5
    Set 1 -...
  • Fresh Start - April 17th, 2013

    So a number of things have happened over the past few days:

    *I competed in the NPC Buffalo Show
    *I told my coach I am no longer working with him aka FIRED
    *Started my new game plan!

    I am...
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    I know I know, you are actually one of the...

    I know I know, you are actually one of the reasons why I started to question my coaches approach. I saw what your coach's plan was and it seemed WAY less insane than mine, to the point that I started...
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    HELP - I think my coach f'ed up my body

    So after a really bad experience over the past 4 weeks I've decided I am no longer going to work with my coach. It took me WAY too long to realize, but his contest prep plan got me to a very...
  • Thank you thank you!!! yes I have been...

    Thank you thank you!!!

    yes I have been enjoying a little more variety and its helped sooo much! I can tell my body and metabolism is MUCH happier, and my head is happier too :) Dare I say I...
  • 3 days out from Ms Buffalo Show!

    I am so excited! I have to say, I am feeling more confident about stepping on stage, but less confident in my approach to making sure I come in looking my best. If that makes sense....

    I think ive...
  • Saturday April 6th Update - Need advice, leaning out too much please help! :)

    1 week out from Mr/Ms Buffalo Show!

    Update of re-feed which I did Wednesday (test for show on Saturday).
    Weight 4/3 - 126.5 Carb load day
    Weight 4/4 - 125.5 Didnt feel that bloated. Fullness...
  • Yesterday was my re-feed. Felt really good to...

    Yesterday was my re-feed. Felt really good to fill up, but surprisingly my stomach wasn't as full as it has been in the past and no heartburn. I had the same thought again this morning because i...
  • I agree with all of this! I think I needed to...

    I agree with all of this! I think I needed to have this learning experience (unfortunately) in order to understand better. And yes, this is PART of my life, not my entire life, I need to be more...
  • Im back!

    Its been a while since I've updated, I'm still in contest prep mode, but went through a little bit of a rough patch after the first show.....

    The post-show binge I discussed a few posts back...
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    I was around 10% for my show a few weeks ago. I...

    I was around 10% for my show a few weeks ago. I think that one specific BF% can look very different from person to person, so focus more on how YOU look. Also, I do agree that there is a variety of...
  • Thanks! Surprised myself too :)

    Thanks! Surprised myself too :)
  • March 22nd, 2013

    Weight in AM: 126 lbs. Cardio only day, 40 minutes SS

    checked in with my coach last night, first time since the March 10th show.

    Weight: 128 lbs
    BF% - 8.9% eek, little low! will adjust...
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