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    The kid is 18 years old and he wants to take supplements not steroids. These supps are not steroids they are not strong enough to mess him up later down the road or give nasty sides.
    One thing I've...
  • PES Erase pro

    I want to dry out and hopefully get rid of this puffy nipple look. I feel like my chest only looks good when I'm pumped or cold. I started erase pro couple months go then went on vacation & forgot...
  • Looks awful

    I love bodybuilding and always have but I have not liked the looks since the early 90s. How cool would it be if a Frank Zane type under 200lb dude went in a won. Small waist & v taper with broad...
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    Body fat

    Not sure how I found this thread just googled chest fat and it came up. So 2 years later I'm about the same basically maintaining but I did drop bodyfat down a little lower and around 185lbs my chest...
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    Eggs = best food

    Why take the yolk out? Hell the old thinking of eggs whites are the best is out. I eat 8 of the extra large eggs everyday 4 when I wake up & 4 usually at night. The yolk has so many nutrients no...
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    No Problem boss! Just took my Iron Pack with me...

    No Problem boss! Just took my Iron Pack with me on my family vacation. Thats all I needed to pack along with my Jarrow glutamine powder, milk thistle and fish oils! Great stuff!
  • Arnold wasn't a huge eater like today's...

    Arnold wasn't a huge eater like today's bodybuilding pros eat. Today they over eat IMO but I guess they have too lol. Arnold ate well but yes he took shakes and they didn't go down as easy as most...
  • Exactly . Protein powders can be nice if you are...

    Exactly . Protein powders can be nice if you are very busy person & it's an easy way to get a fast 25-50 grams of protein. I like to throw in a couple of ON 100% whey in a shaker cup & in afternoon...
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    PES Erase Pro

    I'm just finishing up my 4th week so bottle #1. I will take another bottle so should I see some muscle hardness and a dyer look this next month? I have been training hard since being back from family...
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    Any news on MC?

    I remember watching him in the 80s when I used to read through all my bros muscle mags. I followed all the popular bodybuilders curious how they are doing.

    I know what arnold is up too & frank...
  • No no no

    I LOVE conditioning the body and maybe I drop my weights down 10-15% but I do a flat bench dumbbell press set then walk straight over & do rows. Then I wait about 2 minutes & repeat and do 4 sets of...
  • Poll: what does agmatine do? help with pump? its in my...

    what does agmatine do? help with pump? its in my pump pre workout. Im not playing dumb I do not really know a lot about it.
  • I killed my hams

    My hamstrings are strong but not big I mean they are stronger than they look just genetics. BUT I'm trying to bring up weak points. My point is I saw this post had to respond. Omg last night my...
  • Poll: anything supplement or herb that works

    anything supplement or herb that works
  • Thread: fish oils

    by muscleshakes

    fish oils

    Omega3s great supplement. ha just testing to see if I can post it said member is inacitve
  • Poll: Arnold

    Arnold would be able to if he wanted to but who gives a crap today's top pro bodybuilders look like crap. Bunch of 5ft 6 guys with legs rubbing together doing the wobble. Arnold looked so damn good...
  • Wrong it's about 2 cups of coffee of caffeine I'm...

    Wrong it's about 2 cups of coffee of caffeine I'm a caffeine expert
  • ITS the BEST!!!!

    Iron pump is THE BEST pump pre workout or hell anytime you need some clean energy product I've taken and I've been lifting 22 years. I have tried so many others most feel about the Same and I can get...
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    I take em

    I use MP BCAAs caps and take 1 serving some days and days I take 3 servings. Is the 3-2-1 ratio so I do take 5 grams before bed along with 5-10 grams of Glutamine. I have been doing this for this...
  • Well it has hit me

    Still two days after doing just 5 sets of pull-ups BW 192ish about 10-12 reps per set then I go right into deadLifts one light set then add couple plates then...I do about 5-6 sets with 315lbs 5-7...
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