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  • hmmm

    I was thinking that to. Then my girl made the point that what if since society has made it such an "ok" thing (and by "ok" i mean, society encourages it like its better than sliced bread) that there...
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    I need a good clean bulking program.

    I'm 6'5 and 220ish I'm 18 and I'm in decent shape some lower stomach chub and not very big muscles. Just did kris gethins dtp 4 week program and likes it.

    I'm looking for a known good program or...
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    Steve Cook's Big Man On Campus Question?

    So im 17 6'5 220lbs. I want to be a big guy like muscle wise. I dont want to be like grossly big like Kris Genthin or w.e his name is but I wanna look good like big pecs, bigger arms like 20 inches...
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    Lol just finished Week 2 day 1. Im loving it so...

    Lol just finished Week 2 day 1. Im loving it so far. I didnt finish past Week 1 day 3 last week because my calves were so sore i literally couldnt walk... Like 4 aleve 2 anti inflamatory creams...
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