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  • if a girl smokes weed, has tattoos,instagram account, and listens to edm or rap=sloot

    accurate or no for the most part?

    and most obviously if she has a tinder account.
  • so misc memes but phaggy time?

    so misc memes but phaggy time?
  • does anyone get msgs from phaggots on dating sites even when you have it to straight?

    i get random ones once in a while, these homos are searching for straight men on dating sites. creepy as fuark brah
  • seems to lose weight easy in winter, harder in the summer (srs)

    seems like when i lost a good amount of fat it was in the winter time, summer time i tried to cut and it was more difficult. what is this i dont even.

    genetics? or some biological reason?
  • actually homeless people would probably...

    actually homeless people would probably appreciate it if they jacked up the heat.
  • cold weather, been living arizona and nevada for...

    cold weather, been living arizona and nevada for a couple of years.
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  • how warm are public places/buildings when it's cold outside?

    when it's cold obviously im going to wear more layers so im not freezing, but when it's inside it would make sense that the building isn't 77 F, or im gonna be sweating in 20 minutes.

    are most...
  • broad shoulders average lenght arms are worse for fitting jackets

    brb jacket too tight in shoulders and chest but arm lenght is good, get bigger size, brb sleeves too long.
  • don't want to talk to tinder/pof/okcupid bishes after fapping

    i dont even talk that sexual but dont want to even have regular convos with bishes i dont know. only talking to them as a means to an end. texting/the chase is just a necessary for dat poon.

  • how drunk were you when you smashed them? or were...

    how drunk were you when you smashed them? or were you sober?
  • what genre of band music is in right now ? (srs)

    what genre that features a band is in right now? I want to join a band, dont want to play with 40-50 year olds, what type of music is in for bands right now?

    im guessing hipster/indie chit, do...
  • different coffee brands give me different effects and side effects

    some coffee brands react different to me such as how much energy it gives me, or different negative side effect. am i just imgaining things or are there enough difference in the coffee beans and...
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  • anyone hate talking to girls on dating sites?

    i want to skip the online part and texting part and go straight to the date, or even better straight to the sex.

    it's like a a chore to me, srs what the **** is the fun in talking to some broad...
  • could being in a dimly lit room cause you to be more depressed and anxious?

    i heard that light causes more serotonin to be produced and darkness causes more melatonin. could being a dimly lit room all the time cause these problems?

    would switching from dimly lit room to a...
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  • is there anything that can triumph fat loss if you are in a deficit?

    if you are in a consistent caloric deficit everyday, is there something that can sabotage fat loss or will you lose fat no matter what if you keep the caloric deficit?

    if you are drug addict and...
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    small wrist, broad clavicles crew

    better than big wrists, average clavicles?

    got some girly looking wrist and small forearms, but a broad torso.
  • do manual laborers have higher test than the avg person?

    seems like construction work and other hard labor owrk isn't fit for someone with low test
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