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  • rec center brah.

    rec center brah.
  • can you lightly drop these type of dumbbells to the floor? (srs)

    My community center has these type of dumbbells and they have rubbery flooring. When I do bench press i drop these dumbbells like 4 inches off the ground so they do making a somewhat of a thud noise...
  • pathetically tiny frame + good insertions= big sean



    i was wider...
  • would you rather be twenty something in the 60's, 70's,80's, or 90s?

    i would choose the 80's personally.

    brb party all the time
    brb wild crazy sloots

    late 60's/early 70's would be awesome as well
    brb free love
    brb woodstock
  • better feeling, performing live as a musician or playing in a game as an athlete?

    what do you think is a better rush of feeling,being on stage in a band or as a solo act and everyone is cheering for you and listening to you or being an athlete in a game and scoring a point?
  • are mesh back office chairs comfortable? (srs)


    thinking of getting one with fabric seat with foldable arms.

    I was wondering if its comfortable resting your back on it ?...
  • i envy manmores with long arms legs and short torso that can sit like this

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    7 and 8 string guitars. branched off from...

    7 and 8 string guitars. branched off from progressive metal.
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    djent vs nu metal, what's better?

    nu metal was big in the 2000's, djent started to take off after 2010.

    what do you like better?

  • does advil really speed up healing? what about icing?

    let's say for a typical strain or sprain or whatever, just in general.

    I'd rather just ice, if advil doesnt make a difference as far as recovery is concerned and just reduces pain.

    Does icing...
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  • are some people designed to stay up late, wake up late? srs

    i feel like im one of those people, I try hard to maintain a normal sleeping schedule, hard as phuck when you set your own work hours being self employed doing freelance work.
  • isn't it mind blowing that we are living in this time period?

    we could be born 10000 years ago and be in the cavemen period. brb no laws. brb grow your own food and hunt. brb sex fest

    or we could have been born way in to the future, yet we are born in the...
  • best way to get increase serotonin levels naturally

    what are some things i can do to increase my serotonin levels naurally?

    will these things help?

    be outside more during the day -more sunshine, more vitamin d,
    stay in well lit places during...
  • is better to lift later in the day if you are cutting to minimize hunger?

    if you lift first thing in the morning, wouldn't that make you hungry as **** the rest of the day? wouldn't it be better to eat light during the day and lift early evening or something?

    do you get...
  • weight loss shows focused on non morbidly obese people?

    can't relate to the biggest loser, as the contestant are 400 lb+ and lose like 50 lb in one week.

    It would be a cool show to watch something like an average out of shape guy who is 25% body fat...
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  • is your place clean or dirty? how do you maintain it? (srs)

    how often do you clean your place, such as throwing away garbage,dishes, vaccuuming etc..

    Are you the type that lets the place get dirty after a couple of days and clean once a week or maintenance...
  • can you volunteer at an animal shelter without cleaning ?

    Do not want to clean cages and stuff. basically want to do everything interacting with the animals. Want to walk dogs and socialize with cats and dogs. Since im volunteering can i choose not to do...
  • I use to be beta about having a deep voice when i was 12

    I went through a massive puberty at 12, voice dropped, and had a deep ****ing voice for that age, sounded more like a 16 year old. voice started to get deeper when i was 10. srs

    kids use to...
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