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  • Welcome!

    So! Your new in the gym? Good! Glad you could join us. First things first, your going to want to go ask the most "jacked" guy in the gym for advice, and more often than not they will give you their...
  • Dark matter? Dark Rage?

    dark matter http://www.*****************.com/p/MH31 i

    Dark Rage http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/mhp/darkrage.html

    dunno if thats what ur lookin for but thats what i hear every oen else is...
  • Nano Vapor with Anabolic Halo what about protien?

    I was wondering if im stackin NANO and Halo should ibe taking protien after i consume the Halo after a work out?
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    Well i have been takin nano for about two weeks and the anator for the first week. I gained about 4 pounds and trust me im a hard gainer. But the only down side is that the Anator taste is enough to...
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